I am sure you would have heard about caps/crown being given on tooth or may yourself have one. But, have you heard your dentist advising ceramic inlay to you after a root canal therapy?

Yes, many dentists have started giving the option of ceramic inlay as it has many benefits in comparison to the conventional caps/crowns.

Ceramic inlays, in simple words are blocks of ceramic made customised to your tooth. These are bonded in your tooth with a special resin such that it becomes part of your tooth.

The biggest benefit ceramic inlay brings to us is tooth conservation. Here, a full 360° prep is not required thereby saving the natural tooth structure. Ceramic inlay is made of newer ceramics which are not only esthetic but also strong once bonded to the teeth. The maintenance of inlay involves usual brushing and it serves you for decades because of its inherent affinity with surrounding tissues.

Next time you hear your dentist suggesting inlays, just go for it…

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