New Patients

Your Patient Journey with Ace Dental

First Contact:

First contact from patient is through telephone or email or coming in to the practice or through our ‘Contact us’ page on website.

Pre Screening:

The first consultation appointment is made with our Treatment Coordinator who sits and listens to the patients’ ideas, concerns and expectations.

Dentist Consultation:

The TCO then presents the case to the Dentist and he/she does a thorough examination of the patients’ oral health. A complete examination report is given to the patient along with a treatment plan estimate and details.

Confirmation and Payment:

The appointment is booked for treatment and patient comes back for the same. The payment needs to be done on the same day as the treatment and our staff helps you with the payment reminders.

Follow Up:

Once the treatment is over the patient comes back for a follow up and all the concerns are addressed.


A specific time is decided depending on patients oral health status to review either in 6 or 12 months.

Patients can contact us 24/7 through our dedicated 24 hours telephone service for any queries or emergencies.

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