Pediatric Dentistry

As parents, we don't want our kids to suffer from any kind of pain and we at Ace Dental understand that. We are known to provide Painless Dentistry for Kids in Nerul.

A child's oral health is important therefore you should be aware of the dental problems that might affect your child and also dental treatments for kids available in Nerul.

Pediatric dentistry

What are the dental problems that can affect my child?

The dental problems in kids can be

  • ● Dental cavities
  • ● Teething problems
  • ● Bruxism or teeth grinding
  • ● thumb-sucking
  • ● Misaligned teeth etc

When is the right time for my child's first dentist visit?

The right time for the first dental visit is as soon as your child gets his first teeth or by the age of 1.

Is there a need to visit the dentist as baby teeth they are supposed to fall out?

The milk teeth or baby teeth are supposed to fall out, but till the time they are supposed to fall out they play a very important role in your child's oral health. They make sure that the permanent teeth come in where they are supposed to and in an aligned manner.

Is painless dentistry for Kids in Nerul really possible?

Yes, thanks to advancement in dentistry, painless dentistry for kids in Nerul is possible and available at Ace dental clinic.

Are the dental treatment for kids in Nerul differnt from adults?

A child’s oral health needs different treatment from that of an adult. Your dentist who has trained in pediatric dentistry can take proper care of your child oral health needs.

What should I do to keep my child's mouth healthy?

The things that you should do to maintain your child's oral health are

  • ● Introduce healthy oral hygiene habits in their daily routine.
  • ● Brush their teeth twice a day.
  • ● Brush your child’s teeth if the child’s age is below the age 6.
  • ● If your child is above the age of 6 monitor them while brushing teeth.
  • ● Take them to visit a dentist once every six months.

Should I use toothpaste while brushing my baby’s teeth?

You can use toothpaste if your child has a few teeth. The amount of toothpaste should be that of a grain of rice and the toothpaste should be non-fluoridated. You also ask your dentist about the right type and amount of toothpaste for your child depending on his or her age.

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