Restorative Dentistry

Dental disease or traumatic injury can definitely ruin a smile. It does not need to be permanent. Advancement in dental treatments can restore a patient’s dental appearance. By having more choices, we can perform dental restoration to repair worn, decayed damaged or missing teeth to restore your healthy and beautiful smile.

Direct Restoration

Direct composite restorations exhibit many advantages compared with “traditional” dental amalgam fillings; for example, superior aesthetics and conservation of the remaining tooth structure. Direct restorations are repairs made inside of the mouth (fillings), while indirect restorations are fashioned outside of the mouth and then affixed to either the tooth or the supporting tooth structure in a separate procedure.

A composite filling restores the function, integrity, and morphology of missing tooth structure resulting from caries or external trauma as well as to the replacement of such structure supported by other dental treatment options.

Indirect Restoration

We advise an indirect tooth restoration when a larger volume or extensive area of the tooth needs to be replaced. It mainly involves customized tooth replacements such as crowns, onlays, or inlays. We suggest a crown to cover the entire chewing surface of a tooth. We will require more than one visit with us since an indirect tooth restoration because the inlay or onlay must be fabricated in a dental laboratory. An inlay is placed within the cusps of the tooth. Meanwhile, an onlay covers one or more cusp tip. Both includes portion of the chewing surface. Crowns, inlays and onlays are made from an array of materials. Basically, gold is still used for some inlays. Others prefer or are more concerned having white teeth. As such, we offer porcelain and tooth-colored composite resins as options.

  • Dentures: Loss of teeth can have a tremendous setback on one’s confidence. Apart from the smile and looks, it hugely affects the chewing capabilities which in turn can take a toll on our digestive system and overall general health. We offer vast range of options to replace your missing teeth in the form of dentures.
  • Cast partial dentures: It is a removable denture with a metal framework which is designed as per your oral tissues and which would not harm your remaining dentition. It sits very passively in your mouth and definitely improves your chewing abilities. It is very light weight and lets you pleasure the food you eat.
  • Flexible Partial Dentures: Flexible partials is a solution we provide to replace one or more teeth. Using this type of dentures, it does not require any uncomfortable metal clasps to keep them in place. It is made of nylon which makes them flexible and found to be resistant and durable. It is also realistic-looking and offers an instant aesthetic solution.
  • Complete Dentures: Complete dentures are given when you lose all the teeth in your mouth. It usually requires five appointments to fabricate the denture. We also show you the final outcome and you can work with us to position the teeth and get the smile you want. Our team helps you thoroughly to adjust and accept your new denture.
  • We also serve you to make immediate dentures if you visit us before the teeth are extracted. This helps you from any sort of embarrassment. Such dentures are called immediate dentures.
  • Overdentures: If some of your natural teeth are good in regards to bone support, they can be retained under the dentures. These teeth provide massive support to the denture and act as natural implants with no extra cost.

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