Dental Treatment Simulation

1. What is Dental Treatment Simulation (DTS)?

By studying the patient’s face and teeth, we can design a unique smile for individual patient – on a computer digitally.

2. What can DTS do for me?

DTS allows the patient to be a part in creating their ideal smile, before starting any dental treatment. Patient has the chance to preview their new smile. DTS also gives the chance to visually choose which treatment plan suits the patient as per their budget as well as considering the smile they truly desire.

3. What should patient expect?

In the first dental visit, photos and videos of the patient’s face are taken. The DTS’s will then design the patient’s new smile on a Computer/ Laptop – over the patient’s face, photos and teeth. In the second dental visit; patient will be shown their custom-made smile and an opportunity to review it with the dentist. Further on the dentist can then proceed with the dental treatment.

4. Am I a right patient for DTS?

Patient with gaps in their teeth, crooked teeth, broken teeth, Stained teeth, missing teeth, No teeth (Denture), Patient whose gums are visible, while smiling… Almost everybody can gain benefit out of DTS!


At Ace Dental, we understand that your wedding day needs to be perfect, and that means your smile has to be just right. Before marriage, Family members along with the Bride and Groom can visit our Clinic for consultation with our Team – to create a new and beautiful smile for the most memorable photographs and videos of the wedding.


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