What are basal implants?

Basal implants are a unique type of implant system which anchor in basal bone of the jaws unlike the traditional implants. These implants are also made of titanium but differs majorly in their design when compared to the conventional implants.

Benefits of basal implants:

There are numerous advantages of using basal implants:

1. When the bone quantity is inadequate to use the traditional implants.

2. The final set of teeth is given within 3-4 days. No healing phase of implants involved as it works on the principle of immediate load.

3. Implant placement involves least amount of trauma.

4. Minimal surgical trauma allows to be used in many medically compromised patients which would have otherwise required to get the medical conditions under control for traditional implants.

5. Avoids artificial bone grafting.

FAQs for basal implantology:

1. Am I a candidate for basal implants?

To find out whether basal implants are for you, visit our clinic for check ups and some scans. Basal implants are the best treatment options for people looking for replacement of full dentition of one or both arches.

2. How long does it take for the basal implant treatment ?

From placement of implants to fixing of final teeth in your mouth, it takes around 3 days. This is followed by some routine follow ups to help to adjust to your new teeth.

3. Am I eligible for basal implants if I have medical conditions like diabetes, heart disease etc?

Mostly yes. Our expert doctors will evaluate your individual condition and guide you once you visit us.

4. How is the aftercare of my teeth on basal implants?

The aftercare will require regular brushing and use of some special gadgets like water floss.

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