Replacement Of Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can cause you to your miss out on the joy of enjoying your favorite food. Replacement of missing teeth with dentures in Nerul can help to regain those joys. Here are answers to the questions that you might have regarding the denture.

What is a denture?

A denture is a set of false teeth that are used to replace a few or all the missing teeth.

How do I know if I need a denture?

You might need a denture if you are missing a few numbers or all of the teeth. The best way to know is to visit your dentist for an assessment.

What are the types of dentures available?

There are two types of dentures depending on the number of teeth they replace. The denture that replaces all the teeth and rest on the gums is called complete dentures and the ones that replace a few missing teeth are called partial dentures.

What to expect on visiting a dentist for a denture?

When you visit us for a denture, our dentist will first perform a primary oral checkup. Getting your denture ready usually takes a few weeks and 4-5 appointments with a conventional style of denture. The following are the steps in the procedure:

● Bite registration is used to measure how you bite after an impression of your gums is obtained.

● After that, a wax try-in is performed, as well as a measurement of the jaw relationship.

● After this process, you will be able to see and test your dentures before they are done.

● The new denture is delivered to you at the final visit.

Is missing teeth replacement using denture in Nerul expensive?

The cost of missing teeth replacement using dentures depends on what type of denture is needed.

Is it possible to get the denture permanently fixed?

Yes, you can get a permanent denture using dental implants. This is a good option if you are looking for a permanent solution to your missing teeth problem.

How to care for dentures?

You can care for your denture by following a few simple steps

● After each meal, clean them with a soft bristle brush and water.

● Avoid toothpaste since most commercial toothpaste contains abrasives that can harm your denture.

● At night, remove the denture and soak it in water or denture-soaking liquid.

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