Tooth Colored Filling in Nerul

Dental fillings are the most common dental procedure. Tooth-colored filling in Nerul is one of the most performed procedures. Here are the most commonly asked questions and their answers related to dental fillings

What is a dental filling?

Dental filling is a combination of different types of materials used to repair and restore damaged teeth. It is most commonly used to fill in the tooth after removal of the cavity, hence the name filling.

What are different types of dental filling?

Many different types of materials are used as a dental filling such as ceramic, silver amalgam, gold, tooth-colored composite. The most popular are silver amalgam and tooth-colored composite.

What is a tooth-colored filling?

The tooth-colored filling is the best option if you want to maintain the aesthetics of your teeth. The composite filling bond to your teeth in the most natural way to give you a natural look.

What is the advantage of tooth-colored filling in Nerul?

The advantages of tooth-colored filling in Nerul are

● They are tooth-colored, making them the best option if you don't want to make it obvious that you have a dental filling

● They bond to your teeth structure in a natural way

● They provide enhanced support and strength to the teeth

● They can be used to repair a chipped or broken tooth

How long does it take to get a dental filling?

The dental filling can be done in one single session depending on what is required to be done.

Will I have to wait or have a specific diet after getting a dental filling?

Depending on the type of repair or size of the cavity you might have to wait for an hour or a few. Your dentist will advise you on what type of food you should eat or avoid and how long should you wait after the treatment.

Is the dental filling permanent?

Unfortunately no, the dental filling will last you only for a few years. Due to regular wear and tear your dental filling can crack or fall out.

What should I do if my dental filling falls out?

Visit your dentist, as soon as possible, as the dental filling is used to fill in the gap left by a cavity. If the gap is left open it will allow the food particle to get stuck in it and can cause bacteria and infection.

Do I need to care for my dental filling?

You can care for your dental filling and make them last a little longer by following a good oral hygiene routine as suggested by your dentist.

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