Dental Oncology

Dental Oncology

Dental oncology is a super specialty in dentistry which deals in dental treatment needs of cancer patients. We at Ace Dental have trained staff to handle these patients.

Unlike western countries, dental oncology services are offered by very few dental clinics in India. Dental oncology is a broad term which includes prevention, diagnosis and treatment planning with necessary referrals for oral cancers and dental treatment of patients undergoing chemotherapy /radiotherapy for cancers. Dental treatment of these patients should be done with utmost care to avoid complications in the ongoing oncology treatment. This requires highly skilled personals with in-depth knowledge of the field.

Oral cancer is most common type of cancer in Indian men and third most common in Indian women. It’s because of rampant tobacco use, poor oral hygiene and delay in diagnosis. As prevention is better than cure, early detection of pre-malignant lesions (signs prior to cancer development) and prevention of turning it in to full blown cancer is key to success. Our dental oncology services gives chance of early diagnosis and treatment for pre malignant lesions and counseling for tobacco cessation.

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